Pencils & Pastels by Lisa Harrison



Glad to see you have some interest in my work. Here is a bit about my life. I was born in Charleston, West Virginia. I have always lived in the small country town of Red House, WV. I love the quiet country life. I am married with three great kids. 

My art has always been apart of my life. As a kid I mostly just drew with a #2 pencil and lined notebook paper. I did however get some artist pencils and paper later on. 

My schooling in art is limited to a local trade school, Putnam County Tech Center. I studied illustration and graphic design there for 2 years, however this was in high school and I have lost a lot to time. lol

My facebook page Pencils and Pastels by Lisa Harrison has been active for several years. I mainly focused on black and white pencil portraits at first. If you look back you can see the old work, which is greatly different than my current style. My page took a turn for the better Feb. 2016. It was all in part due to my mom. Mom had been after me to paint her a rooster for 6-8 yrs. I was not so confident in painting so I told her no. One day with an old canvas and some acrylic paint I gave it a shot. The responds was so great I took orders for rooster paintings. Large orders after large orders I started taking orders for other subjects, cows, pigs, trucks, goats, and anything anyone asked for. It was a whirlwind really. 

As for present I still enjoy people portraits. For now my people are strictly pencils and pastels. I still take commissions on most anything from people, pets, and anything you call baby. ;) I do a few vendor events every year. Maybe you can meet me at one of them in person.

I also hold Creations Tent Events. These events are for people to enjoy outdoor painting under my gorgeous tent. I truly enjoy getting together and meeting people at these events.